My Vision

A country is more than an economy


I don’t think our generation has time to wait. What I’ve realized growing up in Jersey City - the most diversity city in America - is that there were a lot of students who I went to class with that didn’t end up where I ended up, just because of small factors that could have been resolved with systemic change.

I’ve realized that if kept waiting until it was “my time” it would be a disservice to both myself and my community. Instead, I look at what is in front of me as an opportunity to be the difference and make the change I hope to see.

I think people need to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. When we’re with people who agree with us, we tend to stay with that group and not open our minds.

Muhammad Ali said “public service is the rent we pay for living on Earth” and that is a quote that inspires me and drives me to do public service.

I believe that with more emphasis on getting our youth civically involved, we can create real change and we can do it now!

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